Do banks check non-bank loans

Over the past few years, banks have tightened their lending policies considerably. They check their potential borrowers in many ways. However, for now, they cannot check how many non-bank loans people who apply for a loan have.

Non-bank loans have enjoyed great popularity in recent years, among others due to the fact that they have high granting power, and at the same time it is not necessary to comply with many formalities. All loans that can be found at their website are also easily available to people who the bank has refused to grant a loan. And sometimes the refusal occurs for unknown reasons, also when the applicant has considerable and documented income and there is no arrears in the payment of other obligations. In many cases, bank policy is therefore incomprehensible.


Loan companies can exchange information

Loan companies can exchange information

Banks do not check how many loans and in what company potential borrowers have, but that does not mean that they have no control over it. They check whether one of these loans is past due. Such information can be found in nationwide databases of debtors, which banks consult when analyzing the creditworthiness of applicants. In the case of loan companies, it is a bit different, because they have the ability to check how many loans potential borrowers have.

They use the possibilities offered by CreditGo, ie a system for exchanging information on loans and borrowings. It already owns several dozen of the largest loan companies operating in Poland. Therefore, people who want to take out a loan must reckon with the fact that it will not be granted if it turns out that they have many different liabilities in other loan companies. Contrary to appearances, non-bank loan companies are not for everyone. The Polish Association of Loan Institutions, which has been very dynamic in recent years, takes care of the interests not only of customers but also of the loan companies themselves.


Loan companies are properly supervised


All proven lending institutions are companies with a reputable position on the market, and at the same time operating in a regulated manner. Customers do not have to be afraid of taking out a loan in an unproven company. If we want to take a loan, it is worth checking the company well. The Polish Financial Supervision Authority maintains a register of loan companies and provides all information in the event that one of the companies acts unlawfully. 

So you do not have to be afraid of loan companies, because, contrary to some opinions, they are not usury activities not covered by any external supervision. Loan companies must act in accordance with the law in force in our country. Whoever has not received a loan from a bank can look around the offer of non-bank companies with ease. The chances of getting loans from them are definitely higher than at banks.