Credit card for a residence card – credit for foreigners

One of the conditions for granting a loan or credit is Polish citizenship. Does this mean that a foreigner cannot count on financial support? Not necessarily. An alternative is a credit card for a residence card.

Foreigners are currently a growing group of employees in the country on the Vistula. And how do banks approach foreigners? Do they willingly lend them money? We explain what a credit card for a residence card is and answer the question of what conditions must be met to obtain it

Residence card – what is it?

A residence card confirms a person’s identity. It is also a confirmation that someone is staying legally in the selected country. This document allows you to stay in a given place for no more than 3 months. After this period, the card must be replaced. A residence card or a foreign ID card is a pass to apply for a loan.

It is worth adding that a foreigner who has been staying in Poland for over 3 months is required to register his stay with the voivode. The right to permanent residence is issued after 5 years of uninterrupted residence in the Republic of Poland. Such permission is also issued by the voivode. The permanent residence card is valid for 10 years, and the necessary condition to obtain it is prior permission to settle. A temporary residence card is issued when the foreigner has been granted a permit for temporary residence only.

Can you get a loan without Polish citizenship?

Pursuant to Article 30 of the Polish Citizenship Act, a Polish citizen shall be:
1. A foreigner staying continuously in Poland for at least 3 years. He must have a permanent residence permit, a long-term resident’s EU residence permit or the right to permanent residence. It is also necessary to work in Poland and receive a stable income. Foreigners with Polish citizenship must also have a legal title to their premises.
2. A foreigner who stays on Polish territory for a continuous period of at least 2 years on the basis of a permanent residence permit. Such permission must be issued in connection with having refugee status that has been granted in Poland.
3. A foreigner who has been residing in Poland continuously for at least 10 years and meets at the same time the following conditions:

  • has a permanent residence permit, long-term resident’s EU residence permit or the right to the permanent residence
  • has a regular and legal source of income
  • that has a legal title to the occupied residential premises.

4. A foreigner who has been residing in Poland continuously for at least a year on the basis of a permanent residence permit, which was issued in connection with Polish origin or possessed a Polish Card.

A residence card loan can be obtained even if we do not have Polish citizenship (provided we meet the other conditions).

Cash loan also for a foreigner

Most banks have loans for foreigners among their products. This applies to both mortgage and cash loans. The main condition that we must meet to obtain a loan is to have a stable, legal income.

Financial institutions are willing to grant loans to foreigners, provided they have a permanent residence card. The permit may include settlement in our country, long-term stay or tolerated stay. People with refugee status or long-term resident status in the European Union can also apply for a loan. The latter status applies to persons from outside the EU and foreigners who have a residence permit as a long-term resident in one of the EU countries.

Credit card for residence card – conditions

European Union citizens living and earning in Poland can receive a loan on the same terms as Poles. The terms of the loan are the same as the cost of the loan. The requirements for the form of employment are also similar.

In this case, the employment contract for an indefinite period is also best scored. The only difference is in how you document your place of residence. As potential borrowers, we must have a permanent registered address in the country. In the case of foreigners, you will need to show a registration certificate or residence card. In addition, an ID card or passport issued in the country of origin should be attached to the loan application. You also need to show proof of earning in Poland.

The problem with getting a loan for a foreigner is primarily due to the formalities that must be dealt with when applying for such a cash injection. A big problem is the lack of the ability to accurately verify your identity, which raises the risk of extorting credit on someone’s data. The limited confidence of banks also results from the inability to check the potential customer in the debtors’ databases. An alternative to a residence card loan may be taking it with a spouse who has Polish citizenship.

Loan for non-EU foreigners

Immigrants from outside the European Union are in a slightly worse position. If they plan to apply for a mortgage they will need to provide a number of additional documents. The most frequently required ones include the permission of the Ministry of the Interior for the purchase of the real estate by a foreigner, work permit and statements from foreign accounts. It may also be necessary to present a credit report, which is equivalent to verifying a customer at BIK. A lack of credit history does not have to be an obstacle to getting a loan.

In the case of persons from outside the EU, in addition to the documents already mentioned, the loan application must include a visa and a consent to employment. Depending on the bank’s policy, it may be necessary to provide a permanent residence card, a temporary residence card and a registration certificate in Poland.

To get a loan you will also need a parcel number and a valid passport. We submit the application for the identification number to the commune office competent for our place of residence. You also need the already mentioned credit report from your country of origin and have an active account in one of the Polish banks. This must be the account of which we are the only owners.

Credit card for a residence card – summary

When applying for a loan, remember that each bank may have slightly different requirements. For the bank, the most reliable customer is the one who has a permanent residence card and regular, documented income. A temporary stay does not prevent our chances of receiving financial support.

Before applying for a loan, let’s check the offers of various banks. Consider the fact that the higher the amount we will apply, the more formalities we will have to complete. It is also worth going to the bank with someone who is fluent in Polish. Thanks to this, we will avoid any misunderstandings and carefully read the terms of the loan offer.